Adaptation Future 2018

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    Adaptation Future 2018

    Adaptation Futures 2018 takes place from 18-21 June 2018 in Cape Town, South Africa. Adaptation Futures is the biennial conference of the Global Programme of Research on Climate Change Vulnerability, Impacts and Adaptation (PROVIA). It is the premiere international climate change adaptation conference where people from countries around the world go to connect, learn and inspire!

    The details indicate the Names of the AfriCLP fellows whose papers were accepted.

    1. Erick Omollo- Research Fellow

    Abstract number: 408

    Abstract title: Title: Fodder production and marketing for enhanced livelihoods among pastoral and agro-pastoral communities in the southern drylands of Kenya. Accented for Poster presentation

    1. Bonkoungou Joachim- Climate Innovations Fellow

     Abstract title: Concertations villes et campagnes, une stratégie durable d’adaptation aux changements climatiques au Burkina (Dialogs between cities and villages, a strategy to adapt to cliimate change at Burkina Faso.

    1. Mohammed YACOUBI KHEBIZA Climate Innovations Fellow

    Abstract number: 172

    Abstract title: Water resources management and Ecohydrology under climate changes: a pilot study in a Biosphere Reserve from southern Morocco’, Accepted for poster presentation

    1. Veronica Jakarasi – Policy Fellow

    Abstract Number: 1027

    Abstract title: The Reality and the Rhetoric of integrating Climate Change Adaptation into Sectors. Accepted for oral presentation

    1. Stanley Jawuoro- Research Fellow

     Abstract number 149

    Abstract title:  “Organization and Performance of Water Resource Users’ Associations in the Southern Rangelands of Kenya” Accepted for oral presentation

    1. Dr Stephen Yeboah- Research Fellow

    Abstract number: 344

    Abstract title: Promotion and Dissemination of Drought Tolerant Quality Protein Maize in Ghana. Accepted for Oral Presentation.

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