Photo: AfriCLP Fellows from Left: Stanley Jawuoro (Kenya), Prof. Mohammed Yacoubi Khebiza (Morocco), Dr. Stephen Yeboah (Ghana) and Erick Omollo (Kenya)

Adaptation Futures

Adaptation Futures 2018, the 5th in the Adaptation Futures international conference series on global adaptation, was held in Cape Town, South Africa from 18 to 21 June 2018. The aim of the conference was to facilitate dialogues for solutions between key players from different perspectives and regions and attracted over 1300 scientists, practitioners, business leaders and policymakers from around the world.  Over 160 innovative and participatory sessions were held. Delegates viewed the responses of local artists to the realities of climate change, and joined in the Community Kraal, that sought to express lived experiences on climate change. The Adaptation Expo showcased the work of 24 organizations actively involved in responding to climate change.  Over 130 volunteers from local based organizations contributed their time and skills to making the conference run smoothly. This episode of the Adaptation Futures Conference was used to foreground developing country adaptation issues and increase developing world participation.

Lessons from Adaptation Futures 2018

As AfriCLP Fellows, we were privileged to attend this conference. This was a great opportunity to interact with the world, exchange ideas and rub shoulders with various Climate Change and Adaptation stakeholders. The greater goal was to shape and realign perspectives towards linking research, policy and practice, encouraging cooperation and collaboration among all stakeholders, need for development of digital platforms for enhanced information sharing and market access for vulnerable communities and integrating gender issues into adaptation. Worth noting is that this was in tandem with the objective of the African Climate Change Fellowship Programme (ACCFP) of Capacity building and Leadership Enhancement for the Fellows.

Erick Omollo

Erick is Research Fellow under the AfriCLP Fellowship Program. He made a poster presentation at the AF2018 Conference titled: Fodder production and marketing for enhanced livelihoods among pastoral and agro-pastoral communities in the Southern drylands of Kenya. This project was aimed at promoting fodder production and marketing in the southern drylands of Kenya targeting to enhance resilience of livestock production to climate change among the pastoral and agro-pastoral communities. This presentation was classified under the sub-theme: Food and agriculture. Following the presentation there were further discussions on wider stakeholder involvement, their roles and influence on decision making in the fodder value chain. There were also discussions on need to develop digital platform and collective action as tools for enhancing information and market access.

Stanley Jawuoro

Stanley is a Research Fellow under the AfriCLP program. He did an oral presentation entitled “Organization and Performance of Water Resource Users’ Associations in the Southern Rangelands of Kenya” in the “Governance, Case Studies” category. This study focused on defining the role of devolved community-based units in enhancing water accessibility and affordability for climate resilient livelihoods. Further, this research sought to determine the performance of these Water Resource Users’ Associations in championing grass root catchment protection efforts as part of their devolved mandate under the Water Act of 2002. Consequent to the presentation, there were deliberations on how to harmonize and coordinate different levels of government and enactment of relevant legislation and policies that empower localized water resource conservation efforts.

Dr Stephen Yeboah

Dr Yeboah is a Research Fellow under the AfriCLP. He made an oral presentation titled: Promotion and Dissemination of Drought Tolerant Quality Protein Maize in Ghana. This is aimed at promoting and disseminating the production and utilization of stress tolerant maize varieties with high bio-available pro-vitamin A (PVA) contents ≥15µg/g for enhanced nutrition.

Dr. Yeboah also Chaired one of the conference sessions titled: Agriculture: knowledge system. The goal of this session was to deliberate on adaptation to climate change at the agricultural systems level in different sectors, and involved academics, researchers, government representatives and civil society groups engaged in technology development and knowledge sharing.

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