In Ghana (agriculture sector), Kingsley Kwasi Agyemang addressed a policy window of opportunity on ‘Climate information services: An effective adaptation strategy’. Mr. Agyemang worked closely with other stakeholders in the review and the development of the agricultural sector policy of Ghana. In the review it was apparent that the agricultural policy under review did not have contents related to climate information services as one of the adaptation strategies to help farmers in their planning and decision-making processes. 

Here is a personal testimony of what Kingsley Kwasi Agyemang was able to achieve with the AfriCLP funding

“The overall goal of the project was to facilitate mainstreaming of climate information services into agriculture sector policies and strategies of Ghana for sustainable agriculture and food systems. The project was implemented through stakeholder engagements, extensive review and analysis of data and information from policy documents and scientific journal publications.

I am happy to report that, through the project, climate information services which hitherto was not captured in the Food and Agricultural Sector Development Policy (FASDEP II) as one of the climate change adaptation strategies, is now considered in the current medium term investment plan of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Investing for Food and Jobs: An Agenda for transforming Ghana’s agriculture (2018-2021). The document can be accessed on

In addition to the provision of improved seeds and fertilizer, the Ministry of Food and Agriculture has recognized the need to provide accurate and timely climate information to farmers to enable them make appropriate and well-informed decisions. Thus far, the Ministry, in collaboration with Ghana Meteorological Agency, has installed 10 Automatic Weather Stations in climate vulnerable landscapes of Ghana.

Another remarkable achievement of the project is the formidable institutional arrangements (with well-defined roles) put in place to guide and facilitate the generation and dissemination of climate information to farmers. To facilitate this, 25 Agricultural Extension Agents from 5 Regions of Ghana were trained on climate information services as trainer of trainers’. 

I look forward to sensitizing more stakeholders at the national, district and community levels on their role(s) in the generation and dissemination of climate information to farmers.

ADCON weather station

Kingsley Kwasi Agyemang

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