Dr. Abayineh Amare’s research work was undertaken to examine factors that influence the uptake of index-based livestock insurance by pastoralist/agro-pastoralist communities in Ethiopia. The research evaluated the status, and determinants of adoption of index-based livestock insurance for managing livestock based risks in Borena zone of southern Oromia, Ethiopia.

Here is a personal testimony of the impact the AfriCLP funding has had on Dr. Woideamanuel.

“Four years ago, when I was a PhD candidate at Addis Ababa University, I started my journey as AfriCLP research fellow. The AfriCLP grant that I was awarded made it possible for me to grow three fold. Firstly, it helped me to successfully complete my research and published an article in a reputable, peer reviewed and high quality journal. The recent award that I received from a highly competitive AfriCLP paper competition for research is a witness to this. 

Secondly, AfriClP served me as a platform to connect with AfriCLP fellows from research, innovation, and policy. It further helped me connect with regional and international experts in the field of climate change to build a growing professional network. For instance, my participation for Mentoring and Training program in IPCC processes for Early Career Mountain Researchers supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and implemented in collaboration with the Mountain Research Initiative, University of Zurich, and selection for a guest researcher at Nordic Africa institute in Uppsala Sweden during the period 06 October-17 December, 2020 under the Guest Researcher’s scholarship Program all purely emanated from my AfriCLP affiliation and contribution. 

Thirdly, the experience gained from AfriCLP fellowship helped me to create opportunities to engage in national and regional consultancy works in the area of climate change and related fields. For example, my participation in a baseline study of selected socio-ecological landscapes in the Horn of Africa Region (Ethiopia, South Sudan, Kenya, Djibouti, Somalia, and Eritrea) implemented by the Horn of Africa Regional Environment Centre and Network; and baseline and feasibility study on forestry and livelihoods in REDD+ Investment for development of investment and management strategies in Ethiopia are among few. Overall, the AfriCLP grant has given me the independence I need to be an independent researcher in the field of climate change.  

Once again, I would like to thank AfriCLP for generosity and the personal investment and good faith have put into my future.” 

Dr. Abayineh Amare Woideamanuel

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