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I was privileged with the glorious opportunity of attending an Ecosystem Services Modelling short course in Bilbao in Spain. In the course, I was introduced to ARIES (Artificial intelligence for ecosystem services) modelling framework that hosts global customisation models used to assess ecosystem services such as pollination, carbon storage, flood regulation and sediment retention among others using global datasets on the semantic web. The ecosystem service models can be customised to any part of the world and process faster provided you’re online.

The training was climaxed with an African Event, where I gave a presentation on the climate change effects on the African Continent and how my research (rainwater harvesting in drought adaptation) feeds into the adaptation process. The outcome here is that ecosystem services offers the most sustainable way of adapting to drought.


These knowledge sharing platforms enabled me to learn a lot about quantifying the services ecosystems offer and impacts of climate change in the rainfed agriculture, and how farmers adapted.

With all these achievements, I extend my appreciation to the Africa Climate Leadership Program and Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3) for the support provided to enable me successfully finish this course.

Barasa Bernard (PhD)

Research Fellow


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