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James Wafula has been selected to attend the 1-week training on Ecosystem Services Modeling in #Bilbao 20th -24th May 2019 (ISU 2019). Congratulations James!

The 2019 event will be branded under the INTERREG ALICE project and it is directed to a new generation of scientists and policy analysts who can effectively use coupled human-environmental models in research, policy and management to address and solve sustainable problems. This year´s event is also intended as an update on the latest developments in the k.LAB modeling software @aries_project @BC3Research @im_klab , including key updates to make model coding and reuse more user friendly, targeted for both new participants and those from previous years.


Some of the teacher´s for this 2019 edition are:  @ferdinandovilla @kjbagstad @balbionthebox @m_pasku @AinhoaMagrach Brian Voigt

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