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Principal Investigator: Dr. Amollo Ambole, University of Nairobi:

Poor households in Africa face a big challenge in accessing clean energy for cooking, heating and lighting. To meet this complex challenge, many actors have recommended multi-stakeholder engagement. However, little is known about how multi-stakeholder engagement can be facilitated to achieve long-lasting change in the energy sector. In our energy research in Kenya, Uganda and South Africa, we recommend that academics are well placed to facilitate multi-stakeholder engagements. By facilitating engagements between community members, experts and policy actors, we demonstrate that academics can act as intermediaries of change. We expound on how we used participatory methods to facilitate transdisciplinary co-design. A key outcome of our research is a better understanding of the socio-spatial, cultural and political dimensions of energy. We thus propose transdisciplinary co-design as a promising approach to providing sustainable household energy in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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