Greetings everyone!

It was a pleasure meeting with Edit here in Ghana to update her on progress of my project.

As part of her visit to Ghana to participate in scientific and steering committee meetings of the project: ‘Integrated Climate Smart Flood Management for Accra, Ghana’’, Edith used the opportunity to meet with me. Our meeting took place at the African Regent Hotel, Accra on 20th November, 2018.


I will describe Edith’s visit as God’s sent because she provided a lot of valuable inputs and guidance, which will enrich my project.  Apart from referring me to the Global Framework for Climate Services which provides an ideal mode for my project, she also shared with me reports of two important IDRC funded projects in Uganda: (i) Enhancing Resilience to Water-related Impacts of Climate Change in Uganda’s Cattle Corridor (CHAI II) and (ii) Using Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to Address Water Challenges in Uganda.

I have read through the two reports, and I must admit that they are really relevant for my work!

I took her through the  activities that I have carried out including organisation of inception meeting to introduce the project to stakeholders; field visit for data collection; review of relevant national policy documents; meeting with the Ghana Agricultural Investment Plan (GhAIP) Committee and analysis of field data.

‘’Please expand your literature review to look at climate information services (CIS) models outside of Ghana’’. Edith advised.

She was happy to hear that my first project on ‘green growth’ under African Climate Change Fellowship Program (III) has been mainstreamed into GhAIP. ‘’It is also important to have your current work, ‘CIS’ mainstreamed into this Investment Plan.You don’t have to have a complete work to share, you can present a relevant portion of it to the committee working on the Plan for consideration’’, said Edith. Indeed, I have done exactly so following this advice, and I believe my current work will also be mainstreamed into this important agricultural sector Investment Plan of Ghana.

‘’I hope you are working on the publication as well? Avoid predatory journals, please’’, Edith reiterated.

In conclusion, the meeting was fruitful and very timely, and I will surely go by my promise to Edith that I will do quality work and publish it in a reputable peer review journal.

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