Two students are doing their master 2 studies in the classified forest of Tiogo. Images bellow show the present situation: application of a governance project, the forestry Investment Program, financed by African Development Bank; prohibited and authorized activities and riparian population giving their needs in other to find a best way for the forest sustainable development.

Project implemented by the ministry in charge of environment. Officially prohibited activities: logging, charring, bushfires, animal grazing and gold panning

Prohibited activity: gold panning resulting in deforestation and degradation through the use of chemicals and the digging of holes

Prohibited activity: animal grazing. A flock of sheep grazing

Prohibited activity: bushfires. Tree burned by bush fires

Activity authorized Sale of wood energy to supply the cities of Koudougou (25 km) and Ouagadougou (125 km)

Permitted activity: non-timber forest products. Women are the most active in the activity of picking and selling

Exchange session with the local population: gathering the needs of local populations in the governance of the classified forest


The hypothesis is that with empowerment of riparian population in classified forest could conduce to deforestation and degradation reduction and its high contribution to green gas reduction. A draft of a protocol will be produced for this purpose.

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