Inception Training

I n general, all the trainings will be prepared beforehand so that they can cater for the needs of the three groups present. At the inception, the researchers, policy advisors/analysts and practitioners from all the streams will undergo a common training for two days. This training will include the interlink-ages between climate change and water in Africa, effective scientific communication and publishing, and approaches to communicating scientific results to policy makers as part of the ACCFP’s Policy Advanced Institute (AI). It will also include leadership building topics that explicitly help fellows to take their career shift decisions and act according to them. It will also include a structured science-policy-practice dialogue between the beneficiaries. During this dialogue, selected beneficiaries will present the core problems they are trying to solve and their proposed solutions for debate and comments from other beneficiaries and the facilitators. This will allow for cross-fertilization of ideas and for synergies to be built between the streams. At the same time, most of the facilitators will be selected from amongst fellow grantees who have the requisite expertise to deliver specific modules of the training. For example, the policy fellows could train researchers and practitioners on how to effectively influence policy. Trainers from Uongozi (leadership) Institute based in Dar es Salaam will also be engaged to offer a module in leadership..

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