Laban MacOpiyo, PhD

Rangelands Scientist

Dr. Laban A. MacOpiyo is an accomplished senior Disaster Risk Resilience and Early Warning specialist with over 15 years’ international experience in resilience programing, community adaptation to climate change, early warning systems, pastoral livelihoods programming, Livestock value chains, NRM, M&E and Strategy Development in international development project management and evaluations at field and policy levels. He has significant experience with research, training, institutional capacity building and strategy and programme development.

Dr. MacOpiyo has been a lead on many projects focused on Building Resilience for communities in the Horn and Southern Africa and the Middle East and has worked with a number of organizations including UNDP, Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) institutions, USAID, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, FAO, African Union, IGAD and the Governments of the Horn of Africa among others.

He is experienced in institutional capacity-strengthening, training and teaching, including workshop facilitation. Dr. MacOpiyo has also been involved in teaching and developing research programs on resilience and climate-related topics at the University of Nairobi. He holds a PhD in Drylands Ecology and Management and a graduate certificate in Geographic Information Systems from Texas A&M University, USA.
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