Management operations: On-station Experiments

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July 19, 2018
Prof. Yacoubi Khebiza Mohammed AfriCLP Project
July 25, 2018
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Management operations: On-station Experiments

Pierre Gbenoukpo Tovihoudji, Research Fellow

Pierre is Research Fellow under the AfriCLP Fellowship Program. His project title is “Developing decision support tools regarding fertilizer microdosing under climate change scenarios”. The overall objective of the present proposal is to determine, as a function of climatic factors, the combinations of fertilizer microdosing and climate-sensitive management options that lead to high productivity and profitability while at the same time reducing financial and agro-climatic risk while guaranteeing sustainable maize production in northern Benin. For this purpose, short-term experiments will be coupled with soil-water-crop modeling (DSSAT) in order to develop a fertilizer microdosing decision support tool.

The experiments are setting up on a loamy sand soil at the Agricultural Research Station of Northern Benin (CRA- Nord) located at Ina village (Ina district, municipality of Bembèrèkè) (9°57’N and 2°42’E, 365 m a.s.l) in order to collect essential data for calibrating and validating the DSSAT CERES maize model. The experimental design is a randomized complete block with 3 factors (Sowing dates, Fertilizer and Varieties) and 3 replications. The following pictures different management operations already performed.

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