Outcomes & Outputs

Specific Objectives






1.  To strengthen the capacity of national and regional mid-career to senior public climate change policy stakeholders to understand how to interpret and apply climate model projections, inject the best available scientific research/empirical knowledge into policy processes and decision-making

Influence policy and practice


Become an influential policy maker and strategists


Publish influential policy papers and strategies


a) Enhanced capacity in national and regional agencies in climate change to formulate, implement, monitor and evaluate policies, strategies, programs and plans

b) Enhanced national and regional climate change policies, strategies, programs and plans

c) Enhanced capacity at the IRA-UDSM to coordinate and sustain the Policy Advanced Institute


- Guidelines on mainstreaming climate change in policies, strategies, programs and plans

- Working papers describing a steps-by-step approach used by fellows (or their groups) to  mainstream climate change into policies, strategies, programs and plans

- Copy of different national policies, strategies, plans and programs the formulation of which were facilitated by the fellows

- Peer reviewed journal papers

(preferably Climate Change and Development- Journal)

- Develop guidelines on how to mainstream climate change in climate change in national and regional policies, strategies, programs and plans

-Training on policy formulation processes and how to mainstream climate change in policies, strategies, programs and plans by scholars and practitioners (Advanced Policy Institute)

- Match policy fellows to senior researchers and/or practitioners in the policy arena as mentors


- Facilitate dissemination of quality working papers and manuscripts to relevant journals by intensively reviewing of the drafts before submissions

2.  To engage the science and policy communities and develop a shared vision of research and assessment needed to serve climate change decision-making needs


3. To carry out national or regional climate change assessments and research on Vulnerability, Impact and Adaptation (VIA) on thematic areas informed by the gaps identified from key sources (e.g. 5thARs, IPCC, AfDB, AU and IGAD) that can contribute to the future rounds of IPCC’s Assessment Reports

Influence AR6 –Africa sections


Publish influential research papers


Secure additional research funding


Promote the use of own research results for changes



Lead a research team

d) Enhanced capacity of African researchers to prepare and share high impact scientific information to the national, regional and international audiences (scientists and policy and decision-makers)

e) Increased contribution to AR6

f) Increased fellows influence in policy planning and implementation by being consulted for advice or taking part in designing and implementation of climate change

policy, strategies, programs and plans

- Peer reviewed journal papers

- Book chapters

- Policy briefs

- Fellowship reports

- Facilitate national or regional climate change assessments on thematic areas informed by the gaps identified from key sources in respective region and countries

- Facilitate publications of the research findings from the national and regional assessment by intensive review of the drafts before submissions to  different journals


-Link the researchers to the national IPCC and UNFCCC focal points and regional climate change focal points (AU, ECOWAS, SADC, EAC, AfDB, etc.)


4. To develop and implement innovative climate solutions that are relevant and have the highest potential for building resilience to climate change and for large scale impact in the communities or organizations in which they are implemented

Develop  and provide innovative climate solutions linked to the society’ needs and that can influence research and policy




Activate entrepreneurial spin-offs from developed and accepted innovative climate  solutions



g) Increased application of innovative climate solutions to inform adaptation and mitigation processes and efforts in Africa

h) Enhanced collaboration between innovators of climate solutions and different end-user sectors and/or communities in Africa

i) Motivated climate solution innovators to upscale their innovations to the commercial scale and target national, regional and global clients

- A list of innovative climate solutions and manuals to guide targeted users

Reports to inform how trainings were conducted by the innovators to different users of innovative climate solutions

Feedback reports from the end users on the usefulness of the innovative climate solutions; - how targeted were the innovation to respond to their  very specific challenges

- Facilitate innovators of climate solutions demonstrate the applications of different solutions to different stakeholders/sectors and in practica environments

- List  climate solutions that can be further developed and up-scaled

- Facilitate monitoring of  impacts of innovative climate solutions in areas where are pilotedand/or upscaled

- Facilitate dissemination of results from action research in journals and through science-policy-practice dialogues


5. To enhance synergies between program streams through integrative program research and policy activities


Impactful network discussions/joint events between researchers and innovators (climate solutions) on one side and AFRICLP beneficiaries from the policy arena on the other side


New strategic partnerships


Emerging researchers, policy makers and practitioners

j)  Increased partnerships and collaborations between fellows in research, policy and practice

k)  Enhanced skills, knowledge and confidence in climate change information

l)  Enhanced and sustainable climate change leadership capacity

- Program website

- Blogs

- Co-published papers

- Graduates of the leadership program

- Beneficiary reports

- M&E reports

- Develop program website with blogs, discussion forums, , etc.

- Organize program mid-term workshop and end-term conference for all beneficiaries as science-policy-practice dialogues and results and recommendations sharing platforms

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